The Eleventh Hour

About the Book

The Eleventh Hour is a fantasy novel set in the modern world. It stunningly depicts a world of magic, intrigue, and monsters with a backdrop of the apocalypse. Action-packed fights abound, while characters deal with inner turmoil and conflicts just as potent. The fate of humanity, and the fate of the world in a very real sense, is all in the hands of one person, Jason, who doesn't even want the power.

On the surface, the story is one of fights and magic, but underlying it all is a questioning of philosophy and mind. The book asks the characters, and thus asks the readers, important questions that can shape how we think and why. Questions such as "What does it mean to be human?", "Do the ends justify the means?", "Does everyone deserve a second chance?", and "What can we really do when we face extinction?" all abound in the text.

Take the journey, with all of its twists, trials, and troubles; take the journey of a man who has to find a way to save the world and himself when he does not want to.

About the Inspiration

Inspiration for this work was drawn from many sources. The original structure and plot of the story has been with me all throughout my life. It originated as a game I would play as a child, fighting imaginary monsters and creatures. Eventually, I decided to turn that into a story. It underwent heavy modification to be coherent and put-together, but the end product turned out much better than I could have imagined.

But there were many other sources of inspiratoin in my writing of this book, and my formulation of the series in my mind. I have always loved superhero media, but I also saw, to me, many flaws in their portrayal. I sought to remedy this. I was also influenced by my love of reading. There is too much to name what I've read, but authors that have particularly influenced this work are the likes of Carl Jung, H.P. Lovecraft, Albert Camus, and oddly enough, Christopher Paolini. These authors have influenced my style of writing, my love of great and terrible dangers and existential threats, and have imbued my writing with intense philsophical deliberations while at the same delivering a potent narrative.

About the Future

The Eleventh Hour is my first novel published, and currently my only. But that will not be the case forever. I have been bitten by the bug and I know that I have to keep writing. I have to keep creating worlds and stories in those worlds and characters in those stories.

There are over a dozen books planned for the upcoming years, and they vary wildly in subject matter. The Eleventh Hour will receive three more books in its universe, with the fourth being a noncanon addition, for reasons that will be obvious upon release. Otherwise, multiple more fantasy books are planned, ranging in scope and scale. Another book is planned to be a dictionary where each entry is an essay dedicated entirely to the word, and another a collection of assorted poetry. Other works are purely philosophical in nature, such as The Philosophy of Self-Improvement, while other books still are about another hobby of mine, which is rock collecting.

The future is bright, both for the series that started it all and the rest of my career as an author. And I hope you will all be there for the ride.

Where to find The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour can be found on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and it is available as a hardcover, paperback, and an ebook on both platforms.

I personally recommend B&N for quality, Amazon for speed.

Where to find more content

A blog is available for those interested more in the process of writing, upcoming books, or other projects. The blog will be updated on a loose schedule, but should have new posts semi-regularly.