828 Politics

About the Channel

828 Politics was born from a love of the political world. For as bad as a reputation as online politics may have, it is nevertheless a playground of creative thought, enjoyable argumentation, and writing. But above all comes a love of truth and knowledge. The value of information cannot be understated, which is why every claim is sourced, every study cited, and all sources are readily available for everyone right in the description of the video, or in the comments if there are too many to fit.

Uploads attempt to be weekly, though sometimes life gets in the way of the ideal schedule. Videos are usually on the weekends, and the topics can vary by week. Controversial topics are covered, such as abortion and gun control, while general information about unkown or undiscussed subjects is also available, such as Nihlism and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Currently the channel is small, and editing isn't a very big part of the presentation. Rather, the channel lives or dies on its accuracy and thoroughness, and the hope is that that will carry it to new heights online.

About the Reason

The reason why 828 Politics was created was multi-faceted, but it can be boiled down to two reasons. Firstly, I have been in love with politics, especially philosophy, for many years. I think a lot, and I write a lot, and I enjoy both of those a lot. Politics provides a unique lens through which to view things, and the many controversies and debates intrigue me. I love to think about new topics, to defend my beliefs and challenge them to, and to ultimately grow closer to the truth every day. My political writing started on a little-known social media called Amino, on a community specially dedicated to politics, shorthand referred to as PA. I would make blog posts on that community about various topics, expressing my views and conducting research. It has always been a mission to be as accurate as possible and to always have the receipts when I made a claim, and I always wanted to provided others with that same resource.

And that leads to the second reason the channel was created: to reach more people. With a goal of knowledge and open-mindedness, it became a natural second step in my online political career to try and reach people through YouTube. Though the progress is slow, that doesn't mind me much. Things take time, and the truth will prevail. And if it so happens that I am wrong, then I want to find out and become closer to being right. Reaching more people is not just about giving them information, but also about hearing what more people around the world have to say. Being introduced to new opinions, new beliefs, new justifcations for old ones, new sources and studies, new concepts and philosophies. As my community grows, so, too, will I.

About the Future

The channel is set to run until it reasonably can't anymore. Politics ofers a near endless supply of topics to cover, with thousands of philosophies, stories from history, religions, policies, and debates globally. Though the channel will likely stray away from covering contemporary events such as a single attack, or a natural disaster, or a specific policy, exceptions can be made, and trends are absolutely up for consideration.

There is a trend that can be foreseen in the channel. That trend is longer, much more in depth analyses, as opposed to surface level information. This shift in the structure of the content will also likely be paired with a shift in the content covered, moving from overviews of a subject to examining persistent problems and debates in contemporary politics. Pictured is an exemplar, examining the relationship that the United States has with guns and violence and, most crucially, a look at how to fix that violence. Similar long form pieces of content will become more regular, though nothing will ever be truly faded out.

All in all, the content will only be getting more sophisticated, longer-reaching, and more helpful to online political discussion.

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