828 Book Reviews

About the Channel

828 Book Reviews is a channel dedicated to providing mostly spoiler-free reviews of books, some obscure and some popular. The books that are reviewed come solely from my personal collection, so that not just the most popular or newest books are covered, nor for anyone who pays enough to have their book covered.

The goal of providing spoiler-free reviews is an integral part of the channel. It necessitates not discussing what happens in the story for plot points, and not mentioning any twists or any specific action. This is done to keep the review squared solely on the technical aspects of the book, but also to give readers the chance to experience the books themselves if they so choose. This is not to say that spoilers are completely removed. Occasionally there will be a book so enthralling or important that it necessitates full coverage, though that is a rare event.

Uploads try to be weekly, though life gets in the way on occasion. Videos are typically posted mid-week, centering on Wednesdays. Videos may be on any given book, though they are frequently either the most recently read book to give the review greater accuracy and insight, or books that are related in some way to the video posted on 828 Politics earlier in the week.

About the Why

828 Book Reviews stems from my time with 828 Politics, my authorship, and my amassed collection of books. I witnessed that I was able to create videos without too much hassle, and an idea had been itching me for a time about reviewing books. I first thought of a blog but ultimately settled on a channel, though it may become both one day. Over the years, my love of reading has caused me to gain quite a collection of books, and when I eventually started to treat it as a collection proper, that number grew exponentially. Many books were obscure, or unknown, or old. I was in a position to accumulate such oddities, as well as in a position to get and enjoy books of a wide variety due to my similarly expansive interests. I thought that it would be good to help get people aware of some of these books.

That thought developed further, and I also realized two more things. The first is that I could grow from this. Reading stagnates as one becomes busier in life, and I was not an exception. This channel could push me to read more and to read better, thinking more about the books I was engaging with and using what I learned in analyzing them to improve my own works. The second thought is that I may have useful insight about the books I read, and others may be appreciative of that. So far, all these thoughts have proven true.

About the Future

So long as there are books to be read, there are books to be reviewed. There are thousands of new books published every day, and millions wait to be found and read, either for the first time ever or the first time in a long time. Although the channel will certainly cover popular series and authors, it will also continue to cover unknown writers and obscure works, providing the audience with books they may not otherwise be in contact with, and still allowing them to read it for themselves and enjoy it cover to cover.

In the future, however, there will be some additions to the normal type of video. Namely, there is a plan to cover books more in depth. Pictured is a review of The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, a video surpassing two hours and twenty minutes. Though most videos will not reach that length, the concept applies of a thorough review, spoilers and all. This type of video would be on books already covered in the channel, selected by audience want. This is to provide much more detail on what makes or breaks a book, and to give new insight to people who have already read the work in question.

Another plan for the channel would be to create a system wherein the audience can send in books they want reviewed. Money and time are finite resources at any given instance, and the selection of books, though always expanding, is limited. If one really wishes for a book to be reviewed and it is not already available, the wish is for them to be able to send it in with no cost to them except the book and shipping. This would be open to everyone, so people can send in their favorite books or books they've written. Though these plans are not to be done for a long time, when both resources and audience are much larger. But by the time it happens, I hope to still see you around.

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